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LINKWOOD™ is the next generation of timber products

LinkWood™ is the next generation of timber products.

Made from timber direct from sawmills that is destined for scrap or low grade use.  We source these boards, join them into Engineered Set Lengths, and machine them into high value hardwood products.

Reduces Waste        Faster to Install       Improves Finish       Improves Durability
Bespoke or Project Volume Applications          Architectural and Custom Profiles


The raw material for many timber products, used and specified as a responsible and smart supply source – offering significant finish, installation and maintenance benefits over standard timber lengths.


Factory applied pre-coats, anti-stain, treatments and primers.
Full timber surface coating by Vacuum, Flood or Spray coats. Selected surface coating by spray or brush systems. Specialist pre-coats – Fire Resistance/Flame Retardant, Termites, tannin/stain seal, preserves, oils.


Fully Finished in factory with either FeastWatson, Intergrain or Teknos finishes.  3, 5, 10 YEAR FINISH WARRANTY  – because  finishes are factory applied to specification.  Providing timber that retains the design colour, lasts longer and is more easily maintained than clear finishes.

It saves waste, is faster to install, offers more consistent colour and wider choice, and requires less maintenance than traditional timber finishes.



Linkwood aims to provide a connection between the forest and the end user - that delivers higher returns to producers, material and installation benefits to the installer, a high quality product at a competitive price to the consumer, and a sustainable, responsible design option for timber products.

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Durable Hardwoods

LinkWood is manufactured from durable Australian Hardwoods, Silvertop Ash, Blackbutt, Stringybarks, Ironbark, Durable Reds and Cypress. Also available Messmate, Chestnut, Victorian Ash, Tasmanian Oak, mixed hardwoods.

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LinkWood Protect

LinkWood Protect is based on the fact that pigment in timber finishes will protect the timber better, will maintain appearance and design colour longer, and will be easier to maintain than traditional clear coats and finishes.

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