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LINKWOOD™ is the next generation of timber products


LINKWOOD ™ can be used virtually anywhere timber boards are used; internal or external, structural, non-structural and appearance applications.

LINKWOOD ™ is available in a wide range of timber species – and can be profiled and finished to suit virtually any application.

LINKWOOD ™ saves waste, is faster to install, offers more consistent colour and wider choice, and requires less maintenance than traditional timber.

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LINKWOOD – Product Applications

LINKWOOD is used virtually anywhere timber is used.

Supplied in set lengths, pre-finished or fully finished, LINKWOOD reduces material wastage and improves labour productivity on any project.

LINKWOOD is the raw material for many timber products, used and specified as a responsible and smart supply source – offering significant finish, installation and maintenance benefits over standard timber lengths.

Applications include:

Shiplap Cladding    Architectural Cladding   Weatherboards    Internal Linings     Decking and Decking Systems     Screens     Battens     Architectural Shades      Handrails      Furniture      Structural Timber      Architraves      Window Components      Mouldings and Cover Strips      Custom Timber Profiles Please

See the galley for examples of products produced LINKWOOD.


LINKWOOD is available to a maximum length of 6.2 metres.

Standard Lengths available: 1.8m, 2.4m, 3m, 3.6m, 4.2m, 4.5m, 5.4m.
Set Lengths to suit your projects can be ordered in increments of 100mm.


LINKWOOD maximum section size is 200mm x 75mm.
Standard section sizes: 75x25mm, 100x25mm, 150x25mm 100x38mm, 150x38mm 100x50mm, 150x50mm, 200x50mm.

Section Sizes can be machined into finished products, and can be sawn or machined into multiple smaller sections, profiles or timber products after they are made into set lengths.

LINKWOOD is made from all classes of timber durability as defined in Australian Standard AS 5604 Timber Natural Durability Ratings and available in species with fire resisting properties as defined in Australian Standard AS3959. Durability ratings noted below are Above Ground Durability as defined in the above Standard.

LINKWOOD 100 – Durable Class 1
LINKWOOD 119 – Durable Class 1, Bushfire BAL 19
LINKWOOD 129 – Durable Class 1, Bushfire BAL 29
LINKWOOD Barakula 112 – Durable Class 1, Bushfire BAL 12, Termite Resistant
LINKWOOD Barakula 119 – Durable Class 1, Bushfire BAL 19, Termite Resistant
LINKWOOD 200 – Durable Class 2
LINKWOOD 219 – Durable Class 2, Bushfire BAL 19
LINKWOOD 229 – Durable Class 2, Bushfire BAL 29
LINKWOOD 300 – Durable Class 3
LINKWOOD 312 – Durable Class 3, Bushfire BAL 12
LINKWOOD 319 – Durable Class 3, Bushfire BAL 19
LINKWOOD 400 – Durable Class 4

Timber species are sorted by Durability, Fire Resistance, Colour/Appearance and Performance. Different species are more suitable to particular applications or finishing requirements, and LINKWOOD is available to suit specific customer requirements.

Please contact us at info@linkwood.com.au regarding specification for your project.






Linkwood aims to provide a connection between the forest and the end user - that delivers higher returns to producers, material and installation benefits to the installer, a high quality product at a competitive price to the consumer, and a sustainable, responsible design option for timber products.

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Durable Hardwoods

LinkWood is manufactured from durable Australian Hardwoods, Silvertop Ash, Blackbutt, Stringybarks, Ironbark, Durable Reds and Cypress. Also available Messmate, Chestnut, Victorian Ash, Tasmanian Oak, mixed hardwoods.

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LinkWood Protect

LinkWood Protect is based on the fact that pigment in timber finishes will protect the timber better, will maintain appearance and design colour longer, and will be easier to maintain than traditional clear coats and finishes.

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